Alcatel A3 Budget Android Mobile Review

By | July 18, 2018

Alcatel a3 this is a really great budget-friendly mobile phone from Alcatel do like the elk scale kit it has a 5 inch IPS HD display at the time of review it was running Android version 6 and it runs it very well the menus pretty smooth they don’t add a lot of bloatware to this and overall it’s very nice experience around the back you’ve got a removable panel and that will reveal the battery you’ve got the usual charging port on the bottom volume rockers on the side all the usual stuff you’ve come to expect you take the back off to get to the SIM card and microSD card slot the battery isn’t removable but you can see the two slots there and you can fit up to a 128 gigabyte SD card in there micro SD card really unusually for this end of the market you’ve got a fingerprint scanner and it works surprisingly well.

Alcatel A3 Budget Android Mobile Review


it’s not as fast as something like the one plus fingerprint scanner but you know what it works pretty well and a really nice innovation is you can use different fingers and unlock different things so I’ve got one set to unlock the device fingerprint to is set to open the camera is just saw– but you can set it to open various things like timers never get home or none of the preset things take your liking you can trigger an application and select an application of your choosing quite often on these budget phones.

the camera is the area that lets you down but this has a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera a 5-megapixel front-facing camera and both prove to be really good at the job so you can see some pretty decent shots just straight out the box no settings or absolutely these are just straight from the camera and the video quality is pretty good as well it’s not a pretty good job of capturing the cat the blackness of our cat does tend to be a problem for these low-cost cameras.

but I think it’s an OK and it also includes a snapshot like filter system front-facing cameras also very good so this is just a quick test of the front-facing camera the screen actually closes very well I’m outside and it’s quite bright and sorry but I can still see it ok so I’ve been a little bit unfair there because I have faced this towards the Sun and I think overall it comes quite well you can see it does have a few focusing issues it jumps and ice a little bit but over I think this is a really good solid time-lapse camera.

I also like the front-facing speakers because you can’t cover them up while playing games unfortunately despite having an octa-core processor gaming is not fantastic on most certainly on these higher-end games such as asphalt 8 UV light is fairly playable it does drop the flames quite a lot and it’s nowhere near as smooth as I would like the screens a pretty decent size you’re going to be able to use the on-screen keyboard and we’re still in the LCD action.

if you’re going to do these kinds of intensive games and winter gaming these probabilities are going to be even alive for use and so that that seems to be the only weakness of this mobile it offers an awful lot for not very much money I think they’ve designed to okay yes you have to accept it a little bit plastic but the inclusion of a fingerprint a scanner is a real bonus and not something I’ve seen at this price point before so if you’re looking for an overall good mobile and not too fussed about Han gaming, if you definitely want to consider

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