Change Thought – Business to Entrepreneurship

By | April 15, 2019

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Welcome Back to InfoTiger.Tech’s new series  of business learning.

In this article we will understand that why we should learn entrepreneurship not business.

A businessman is a person who starts runs a business on traditional way, takes an available business idea. On the other hand, an entrepreneur is the one who first starts a product or business idea and work to make success that idea.

Now, Here why we should go towards thinking of entrepreneurship?, The answer is simple – because of Competition.

Businessmen will always try to copy other business and try to be success like others, where in current time  we could not success that way, customer need change and latest goods and services, so we need to think about this, here entrepreneur will come out with some idea that will either sell traditional product on different innovative way that a new benchmark will created. 

Here after in Business Learning we will learn about entrepreneurship, Whenever we even refer businessmen consider it as entrepreneur cum businessmen and entrepreneurship cum business.

In nest few article we will learn about features and its role in society.

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