Class 5 will fall will consider as primary from january 2020 in west bangal

By | January 22, 2019
West bengal government decide to put class 5 under primary section, mr. chatterji reported. as the education level of west bengal is very low as compare to some financially strong state. state government decide to put class 5 under primary section so that parents who let study their child till 5th class at least. On January 14, government had announced that her government was mulling over a two-pronged strategy to meet the crisis of teachers in state-run schools. The steps would be bringing class 5 to primary level, and graduates would be recruited as interns in primary and secondary schools.

The another reason of doing this is to maintain balance of student and teacher in primary section, as a issuer of over staffing increasing in primary section government decide to increase student’s number in primary section.

One main benefit of the  change will be on higher primary section that they will get lesser number of student so that teacher could focus more on the student.

as the 2019 is all about center government election, and west bengal could be an issue of bad governance now government want convince people.

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