Govt want to make child weight free but ……

By | January 23, 2019

Hi tigers welcome to infotiger,tech, there is some update from HRD regarding students bag weight policy.
With the weight of mental pressure students are also getting load of their heavy school bags, to tackle the issue government issue some guideline to schools regarding school bag weight, Well it is actually not looking feasible, but lets take a look at key point of the guideline.
Std.             Suggested max. Weight of bag by HRD
1                   1.5 kg
2                   1.6 kg
3 and 4         2 and 3 kg
4 and 5         3.5 and 4 kg
6 to 9            max. 4.5 kg
10                 5 kg
The ministry of human resources development has issued weight limit as above.
In reality this is not feasible because if we took example of 1st and 2th class student, they are carrying bag it self of 1.5kg bag books and water bottle are extra, if we think about higher class, class 8 to 10’s text  book which are refered by board and ministry itself have weight of 4 to 5kg. And we know that with text books student have to cary other books like home work and class work book and other activity books and snack box additionally.
So, medically the guide line may be true but it is not possible to follow without tacking some steps for education patterns,  
We hope the department will think about it and take any feasible step for this.
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