Mistakes We Do in preparation of exam.

By | February 7, 2019

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In our throughout career we attend many exams, field can be differ but aim will be the same that is solve it with best result, but some mistakes we all do from class 1st to post graduate exam wich are really harm us in our career as well as in our life.

We have point out some of that mistakes with hope that we will not do it and let not to do other.

1.) Mistake in understanding meaning of exam : exam is not only for marks it to develop your brain for next level.

2.) in Planning – we plan everything without going with our habit we do not think about what we could not do.

3.) Took much pressure – as exame come closser we increase our tension instead of being hardworker we becomes a pllaner.

4.) Dong Overtime – we start reading overtime, but our mind has no habbit so you will not get result, we should first think about our daily habbit like how much can i remember.

5.) Try to finish syllabus : er try to finish syllabus not undrstanding the concept, without undrstanding the concept the readed topics will not be remember for long time and you will remember only those thing that you have read recently as time passes you will forget it.

6.) Less Sleep : we decrease our time of sleeping which actually make us weak and we have to read 50% more to remeber if you cut 30% of your sleep

7.) Low confidant : you have to be confidant that what ever you are reading will be in memory definitely i do not need to revise it

Apart from above points there are many more thing should take care of it but in single line we could say that Read It But Don’t Rub Yourself. You will get such exam tips regularly please read it.

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