Practicals will boost up in schools, Vignan Mitra Center will open

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In this center, teachers of science will make different experiments related to physics, chemistry and biology to the students. Along with this, astronomy related activities will also be organized. Students can become a part of the center according to their interest. Apart from this, there will also be a competition in this center. In which the students will be able to participate and present their innovative ideas to their other peers.

Science friend center at a glance

Secondary schools to be started
Students from class 6 to 8 will be included
Schools will get Rs. 3,000

This will get the facility

Modern equipment will be kept for the students, which will give them an opportunity to experiment.
Science and magazines related to science will meet, which will enable them to discuss world-class scientific achievements.
With the formation of a panel of students, these panels will discuss each topic of science on one topic.
Competition will be organized on different subjects for three days a week.

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