By | August 14, 2018

This file has been created to make for all students. This book will prove to be useful for students who prepare for that. The book will prove to be very useful for those students who wish to pass the Clerk examination. This book covers all the questions related to the bowl and the particulars of the Talati. All students will be able to pass simple examinations of Talati. Talati in this book as well as the exact examination of the clerk exam As well as clerical clerks, the topics are covered. He is very useful to give many other government or public examinations along with Talati. It is a very useful e-book for the talati rank and junior clerk taken by the selection board, as well as the selection committee, which is being leased by the general division, Students can prove to be very useful in preparing Talati exams The book has been made nicely by taking into consideration the order of the order. In this book area, there is a need for photos to be understood and agreed upon. The book has been created according to all the curriculum. In this book, India’s constitution, general knowledge, current affairs He has been included in the computational knowledge. He has also been prepared by the person who has been blessed with this book. As well as on our blog, the day-to-day opinion report, the merit list, is given by the Central Government as well as the state government’s application for recruitment. As well as on my blog Vijay Variya all types of information are given.

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