Shiv Sena seeks to contest 152 seats in Maharashtra

By | November 30, 2018
Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray has aforesaid that his party desires to contest 152 seats within the 2019 geographical area Assembly election, deed the remaining 136 for the BJP. His proposal isn’t terribly totally different from the one that the party recommend in 2014. At that point, the knife Sena needed one hundred fifty five seats for itself and left simply a hundred thirty for the BJP. That had light-emitting diode to the 2 parties going their separate ways in which.

The significant distinction now is that the knife Sena desires a pre-poll treaty in situ whereby it’d have its politician because the chief minister, ought to the alliance win a majority. The Sena seek throuh a previou go for geographi area what secured through post-poll circumstance in state.

It detecte that t BJP wants , which  crowned head known as on y despite the knife Sena’s unhelpful conduct — winding up tirades against Narendra Modi, ridiculing the government in the majority public conferences and snatching the BJP’s candidate for the Lok Sabha by-election in Palghar. The party has completed that it’s leverage.

Shiv Sena seeks to contest 152 seats in Maharashtra

Thus, the long-standing convention that the party winning the upper range of seats gets the chief minister’s post, is wanted to run a go-by. That is, heads or tails, the party runs the govt. because the senior partner. Apparently, Uddhav Thackeray’s calculation is that his case wouldn’t be as pathetic as that of Kumaraswamy.

It is anybody’s guess on what might transpire by the time nominations ar filed next year. The knife Sena could believe that it will take the BJP to the brink and secure a deal in future by teasing it among the govt. as a partner currently. Or, it will commit to go it alone at the minute. the result of the Lok Sabha polls some months before the Assembly election might well verify the dynamics.

Thackeray’s demand of 152 seats for itself and the chief minister’s post appears to be supported the premise that the Sena doesn’t need to be a junior partner in AN alliance, come back what could. even so, it’s stayed within the gift government in geographical area as a junior partner, principally as a result of being in power (or sharing it) helps in getting ready for polls. Through its aggressive stance among the current government, it appears to assume that it’ll be firewalled against anti-incumbency.

Since the knife Sena and BJP’s initial hold up in 1989, the parties have had a lot of or less a group pattern of seat allocation — the previous obtaining 171 seats and also the latter 117, provide or take some throughout the amount of filing of nominations. This continuously gave the Sena a foothold – it won fifty two seats to the BJP’s forty two in 1990, seventy three to the BJP’s sixty five in 1995, once the alliance shaped the govt..

The knife Sena is probably considering the chance that the BJP could stay numerically ahead in AN alliance and is hedging its bets. The set pattern until currently has been that the BJP won but the Sena when except in 2009. However, this hides the very fact that the BJP had a better success rate.

This ability to win a lot of seats, and also the Modi wave of 2014, had created the BJP adamant as a result of, tho’ it needed AN alliance, it wanted to become the senior partner within the government.

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