URI : Moive Review

By | January 11, 2019

Movie Rating: 4/5

“Yeh Naya Bharat he , Ghar Me Ghusega Bhi Aur Marega Bhi”….Off course the movie is all about URI Attack and Surgical Strike.

While giving a review we have to first keep the doubt of propaganda aside, thene only we can judge the movie because it clears that india is changing its strategy but keeping it aside we will take it as just a movie of patriotism based on a true event.

the movie is all about bravery and the pertroism of soldier and realising that there are some persons who are there for our safety.the surgical strikes India undertook in Pakistan are at the heart of this film, and we get all the requisite elements of a ‘war film’: action in the war-zones, hovering helicopters, brave army men and women, cowardly enemies, and the relentless rat-a-tat of machine-guns, the devastation caused by hand grenades, and bodies exploding in a gush of blood.

Drone technology and sophisticated night-vision devices are all very well but we still can’t have a full-grown hero who doesn’t do ‘do-do haath’ with the baddie. Kaushal is satisfactorily bulked out and does a competent job, as does Raina, with the former getting, expectedly, more screen time to rattle his sabre.

So, Finally it ia a must watch movie as an indian, good acting and direction with nice background music.

Enjoy It

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