How to use WhatsApp without mobile number!!!!

By | July 23, 2019
Hi Tigers…
We all know that Whats app has became well necessity for our day to day life, not only for gossip the messaging app also has shown his power in the world of business.
So there is one new facility will be given by whats-app that you can use a landline number that we do not change usually and we can give office number that will have timing of call. isn’t this great?
Question is how?, here the step to do that……
this feature is available with Whats-app Business version only.
  1. Download the Whatsapp Business app in your mobile phone
  2. Open the app on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or device that supports WhatsApp
  3. Select the country Code, then add your landline number when it ask for mobile number.
  4. Now, whatsapp will ask for verification, and of course you can not get the SMS because you has entered landline number so let the 1 min completed, after that click on option Call me.
  5. That will be robotic call and will give you 6 digit verification number.
  6. give that in app and everything is done
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