We Do Mistakes Never……

By | February 22, 2019
Hi Friends…

Today i was searching for some depression release tips for child  i got a very good article and then i realised that i should write about this topic. The topic is “How to Laugh at our mistake”

Why we should think that why we are feeling unhappy ?
Reason is that we have done something what that actually we did not like, actually do not do it but result of our some action has produced that result and we feel very sad that because i did this this thing has happen, sometime we even do not no that one incident has happen yesterday which was the reaction of my task but when someone come after 2-3 days and tell us that you have done this that is why this thing happen and then we starts feeling. here we will discuss about how to handle such situation.

How to HandleHandle it ? we will discuss in our next article. 

thank you

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